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Sech – Sal y Perrea (Video Oficial)

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¿Podrías confirmar primero que has probado a reinstalar la aplicación siguiendo los pasos de este artículo de soporte, asegurándote de borrar todos los datos de la aplicación (paso 4)?

yo sigo sin entrar y mi papa que esta en el grupo familiar escucha sin problemas y eso que vivimos en la misma casa… me pasa con cualquier dispositivo que lo conecte. lo unico que se, es que no es problema de los dispositivos porque puse la cuenta de mi papa en mis dispositivos y el de el se escucha perfecto

¿Puedes darnos más información sobre lo que ocurre exactamente? Si tienes problemas para acceder a tu cuenta, ¿podrías decirnos si te aparece un mensaje de error? Una captura de pantalla sería útil, pero asegúrate de ocultar cualquier información privada.

Daddy Yankee, Myke Towers, Jhay Cortez- Turn it Up

The countdown begins to have Poster Girl in our hands. Zara Larsson releases next March 5th, after numerous obstacles due to the Coronavirus, her second studio album internationally. If you lingered on Lush Life or Never Forget You, it’s time to catch up and keep track of this pop star.

In 2020 she reminded us of the talent that runs through her veins with Like It Is, a collaboration with Tyga and Kygo that fuses techno, rap and pop to perfection, solo she gave her fans Love Me Land and the remix of this one, plus WOW, a song with Sabrina Carpenter with which she shows her diva side.

J: In an interview for the Zach Sang Show you said that you realized while making the album that you are a perfectionist… What else have you discovered about yourself in the creation of Poster Girl?

Z: Totally, I think I’m someone that people can relate to. I’m very honest, we all have our bad sides and our better sides, I’m not good at everything, in fact, no one is good at everything. But I don’t really think about it too much, I’m just myself, a very open person.

Can you imagine watching the sunset with that person and this song.

Mona Haydar is an American rapper and activist. This was her debut song and her best known track. In it, she defends the wearing of the hijab while asserting herself as a fierce feminist. In her lyrics she states that it is not her duty as a Muslim woman to educate the ignorant about her culture, and says in the chorus that she is «still tying her hijab» (wrapping my hijabi).

The female group that incubated the later pop star Beyoncé released this track in 2001. It is, without a doubt, a hymn to female economic independence. In the lyrics the four girls of Destiny’s Child call on «all the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me, all the honeys who making money, throw your hands up at me» (All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me, all the honeys who making money, throw your hands up at me).

In Mexico Paulina Rubio was also concerned with breaking stereotypes about femininity. In 2001, then, she released Yo no soy esa mujer as part of her album Paulina. In it she criticizes the «false idea of love» that dictates that women should stay at home and be obedient and makes it clear that she would rather be heartbroken than «the one who signs a paper and gives you her life». The chorus says «I am not that woman who doesn’t leave the house, and who lays at your feet the best of her soul. I will not become the echo of your voice, in a corner… I am not that woman». A strong criticism of the institution of marriage.

Danny Ocean – I Refuse (Official Music Video)

The original idea that Apple has for the use of their user accounts, the Apple IDs, is that each person has one and set it up on all their devices. And that’s what most people do, but there are those who for whatever reason use the same Apple ID on multiple people’s devices. And in the end, the complaint always ends up being the same: all the data of those two people (contacts, photos in iCloud, calendars…) get mixed up. Changing the Apple ID is quite simple from the iPhone.

Solving this goes through only one way, which is the way Apple wants: that the person who doesn’t have an Apple ID creates one and uses it to log in on their devices. It’s easy to say, but what about all the mixed data on the device? How do we have to act in order not to lose anything? Let’s take it step by step.

Let’s assume the most typical situation: unlink an iPhone of one person who is using it with the Apple ID of another, who also has an iPhone. The result is that in the iCloud address book, calendar and photos there is a mix of contacts, events and photos of both people. The first thing to be clear about is that the process is not going to be instantaneous, and you have to be quite patient depending on the volume of information on the terminal. It should also be made clear from the outset that there is no miracle solution that will magically separate the data of the two people. There is mechanical work ahead.