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Texting, he claims, is the backbone of his business because it creates and maintains relationships with subscribers who then tip him. While OnlyFans’ subscriptions have caught the attention of the outside world, creators like North pinpoint this text-based economy as the real way to generate revenue.

To distribute a paid message – per view – an OnlyFans creator sends a message through the platform to their followers or a subset of their followers. The message may contain a photo or video that fans can «unlock» by paying a fee set by the profile. Free accounts can charge up to $50 for premium content, while paid accounts are capped at $100.

Subscribers can also send up to $200 to creators at any time through the site’s tipping feature. Unlike paid messages, there are no formal guidelines or limits dictating when or how much a tip should be given. In between, the subscription paycheck is taking bulk.

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UGC or user-generated content has become a digital resource with the greatest influence on purchasing, however social media is one of the main components of influencer marketing. Social messaging is expected to become the trend that generates the greatest effect on marketing strategies, some of its perceived benefits include: increased exposure, increased traffic, development of a loyal follower base, lead generation and provision of market intelligence.

Influencer marketing has proven to be a valuable tool for marketers.    Some of the main objectives include: improving brand advocacy, increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences and improving sales conversion. However, the options seem endless. The natural reaction tells us that the more audience an influencer has the better, but is that really the case?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to establishing the best candidate, in our previous post we have revealed to you some keys to detect the best influencer for your brand. In this article we will show you the difference between macro and micro influencers so you will know at what point you can work with each of them.

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To put numbers to this boom, let’s go back to February 2020, a month before the state of alarm and confinement. The Sientete Joven channel had 304,000 subscribers and two million views per month. And the pandemic came, and people went into lockdown. And started playing sports at home. Two months later, in April, María Martínez already accumulated more than 43,671,060 visualizations, twice as many as Ibai Llanos, and forty times more than they had had in the same month of 2019. His followers multiplied by three. In short, Martínez grew a lot. And very fast.

In fact, it is likely that if you are reading this article you have seen her at some point. At the very least in some recommendation, as she was one of the influencers who moved the most during the pandemic. Success came, and with it the money. Everything changed, including residency. Today, depending on the nationality of her viewers, the youtuber could be billing between 2,000 and 31,000 euros a month just for her channel. And then came the controversy.

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No existe un número exacto de seguidores como requisito para empezar a ganar dinero con Instagram, ya que la plataforma no paga a los perfiles que tienen un alto número de seguidores. Pero, aun así, la red social es una de las más utilizadas para ganar grandes cantidades de dinero gracias a los patrocinios y la publicidad de marcas ajenas a la plataforma.

Pero, para calcular cuánto ganan las cuentas con más seguidores en Instagram, puedes calcularlo a través de esta herramienta de BrandMe, que calcula el precio estimado por publicación de los ‘influencers’ de confianza.

En el lado opuesto de los ‘microinfluencers’ tenemos perfiles como los de Laura Escanes (con 1,6 millones de seguidores), que puede cobrar entre 2.700 y 4.510 euros por foto o Paula Echevarría (3,5 millones de seguidores), que gana entre 6.000 y 10.000 euros por ‘post’.

Centrarse en un tema que te apasione para generar una buena comunidad con muchas interacciones es un buen planteamiento para quienes no son populares por su actividad profesional o por su presencia en medios de comunicación. Los viajes, el cine, los deportes… son algunos temas que pueden atraer seguidores y ayudarte a crear un perfil sólido y coherente que pueda atraer a los anunciantes.